Autumn: October, November & December

Autumn: October, November & December

With a bit of luck it is possible to find the Indian summer in South Europe but you could be disappointed. Why not venture on a trip to the Middle East where Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco have much to offer. Besides the fine weather, you will find a great cultural heritage.  South Africa and Namibia could be pleasant destinations since there it is the start of spring. Asia is at the end of its rainy season in October with India and China figuring as great options. In the Caribbean the weather is perfect from December onwards. In South America Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador and North Brazil are very attractive choices.


  •  Romantic cities: Venice, Seville, Rome, Istanbul, Paris
  •  Cyprus
  •  Canary Islands

Africa & Middle East

  •  Egypt
  •  Morocco
  •  Namibia
  •  Cape Verde
  •  Gambia
  •  Ghana
  •  Jordan
  •  Dubai
  •  Oman
  •  South Africa
  •  Tanzania & Zanzibar

Asia & Oceania

  •  India
  •  Malaysia
  •  Thailand
  •  Indochina: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia
  •  Bhutan & Nepal
  •  Australia
  •  New Zealand
America & the Caribbean
  •  Mexico and Guatemala
  •  Cuba
  •  Chile
  •  North East Brazil
  •  Hawaii & California
  •  Suriname
  •  North & Mid Argentina

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