Marja Keuker

With more than 35 years experience in tourism I still enjoy and learn from every trip I make! In April 2004 I started working for Valerius, the specialist for unique travel within Europe and outside. My specialty is customized travelling for the individual traveller, families, fraternities and large groups. It’s a challenge each time to make a unique proposal after a lot of puzzling! My favourite travel destinations? Within Europe, I would choose Greece, but I am at home in many of the Mediterranean countries. The United States, South Africa and Namibia are high on my list because of the surprisingly beautiful landscapes. Myamar, Vietnam and China are fascinating countries with a high quality and intriguing culture! In Japan, I find the contrast between modern Tokyo and the ancient city of Kyoto, full of temples and gardens, very special. For more details follow me on Virtuoso.

Please contact me at: mke@