Mirna Best

After receiving my bachelor’s degree at the Tio in Amsterdam I spent the first years of my professional life working for a prominent Dutch airline. During these years I discovered that my real passion lay in finding great routes, searching for the best hotels and booking the perfect trip for clients. So I chose a new direction in my professional work. My experience up till now, is almost entirely in the luxury travel industry, not only hotels but also for cruises and complete tours.
Personally, I’m an active traveller and once I’m on location I love to see as much as possible such as the cultural and historical sites but also to be in contact with the local people. My journey to Hong Kong and Japan last year was a “dream come true” and had long been an personal wish. It was fantastic and I would love to go back again some day. This year I would love to explore Argentina, Brazil and the Iguazu Falls. In the meantime, I’ll be happy to assist you in everything needed to help organise your next unforgettable journey. Follow me on Virtuoso.

Please contact me at: mb@