About Valerius, a matter of taste.

Valerius Travel is an all-round tour operator in Amsterdam specialized in tailor-made travel. We are an enthusiastic team of highly qualified and professional staff, for whom travel is a real passion.We serve a group of loyal and individual travellers, looking for inspiration and professionalism. As an independent agent we are able to give good advice and find you the best suppliers, offering an excellent balance between quality and price.

Despite advances in technology, nothing beats human interaction. After our first meeting at our offices we will have a better understanding of your personal preferences and you can communicate with us by phone or mail.
We know where to find the best options for you on internet and will narrow them down according to the criteria you provide. We can save you lots of time, especially for complex itineraries with multiple destinations.

With the relationships we have built over the years, most of the time we will even beat the prices you will find on line! Our professional network gives you acces to the real stories behind each hotel, which we will share it with you.
Even if we have planned the trip down to the smallest detail, there is always a chance of something unexpected happening. But do not worrie, we will provide assistance before, during and after the trip.

Valerius stands for reliable, time saving, good service and excellent taste.
Feel free to contact us, we are here to help you


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