Valerius Reizen employees

Elisabeth ( Liseke ) Hoogerbrugge

A passionate world traveller and founder of Valerius Reizen. Far off countries and foreign cultures have fascinated me since my childhood. Travelling is never boring, expanding and softening my view on human beings and the world. I believe in individuality, each person is different and each journey must portray this. Organizing unique travel itineraries with a perfect balance, variety and … Lees verder

Marja Keuker

With more than 35 years experience in tourism I still enjoy and learn from every trip I make! In April 2004 I started working for Valerius, the specialist for unique travel within Europe and outside. My specialty is customized travelling for the individual traveller, families, fraternities and large groups. It’s a challenge each time to make a unique proposal after … Lees verder

Marg Martens

After graduating from the College of Tourism in Breda, I worked for a major international tour operator where I gained a lot of experience in organizing customized trips to distant destinations. Here at Valerius there are even more possibilities and there aren’t many travel wishes that we can not meet. We work together with the best local agents worldwide, to … Lees verder

Ellen Muhlhaus

After graduating from the College of Tourism it became apparent that my heart lay in the many possibilities of the travel agency profession. After more than 20 years of experience, I am now at home in many European destinations as well as beyond. My special interest is in the dynamic airline industry so with me you have come to the … Lees verder

Mirna Best

After receiving my bachelor’s degree at the Tio in Amsterdam I spent the first years of my professional life working for a prominent Dutch airline. During these years I discovered that my real passion lay in finding great routes, searching for the best hotels and booking the perfect trip for clients. So I chose a new direction in my professional … Lees verder

Wanda Hebly

Originally born and raised in New Zealand I have also lived with my family in Saudi Arabia, California and Japan. During my stay in these very different countries I had the chance to connect with many different cultures. From a young age, traveling has fascinated me and now my hobby has become my profession. I love to share my passion … Lees verder


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