Croatia lies at the crossroads between Eastern, Western and Central Europe and therefore has a varied cultural background and many of the sights are on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage. The Adriatic Sea is a popular destination for water-sport enthusiasts because of the peaceful, clear waters. Yachts sail gracefully through the Kornati Archipelago and by the end of the day throw out anchors at one of the natural bays. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and Split is the second largest city in the country and it is here that yu will find the Dioclectian’s Palace, one of the most impressive Roman palaces in the world. The coastline of Croatia has long been part of the Republic of Venice which can be seen in its beautiful palaces and buildings. Be sure to visit one of the islands off the coast.

Green Istrië

Istria, the western province of Croatia, is a green oasis surrounded by a crystal clear blue-green ocean. Istria lies on the same level as Venice and during the summer months it’s possible to travel by ferry between the two countries. The coastline is incomparably beautiful with picturesque coastal villages, dating back to the time of Venetian rule. Istria is the most Italian-influenced region of Croatia and Italian is the second national ... read more


The rich history of over 1700 years makes Split is one of the most beautiful cities in Dalmatia. The city of Spalato, now called Split, lies on the seashore and was founded by the Emperor Diocletian. He built his palace within the city walls and the palace is still inhabited today, which is quite exceptional. The old city- centre comprises of ancient narrow streets and beautiful squares with small shops, squares and terraces. The harbour ... read more

Split & Hvar

Welcome in Croatia! A dazzling country with stunning nature and a strikingly beautiful coastline. There are 1185 fairy-tale islands, most of which are uninhabited, to be found off the coast in the azure-blue Adriatic Sea. Along the mainland coast there are many picturesque towns such as Trogir, whose historic centre has been appointed a UNESCO monument. The Adriatic Sea is a paradise for water sports and is one of Europe's most beautiful ... read more

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