The rich history of over 1700 years makes Split is one of the most beautiful cities in Dalmatia. The city of Spalato, now called Split, lies on the seashore and was founded by the Emperor Diocletian. He built his palace within the city walls and the palace is still inhabited today, which is quite exceptional. The old city- centre comprises of ancient narrow streets and beautiful squares with small shops, squares and terraces. The harbour has a beautiful boulevard with terraces and when the lanterns are ignited during the evenings, it becomes a fairy-tale district.

From the harbour, the ferries depart to the offshore islands making island hopping possible. National Geographic named the island of Hvar as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The centre is elegantly built, with an Italian style, and has remained fully intact with a beautiful marina and an impressive square. The beautiful Lungomare, a walking path along the sea coast, leads to beautiful pebble beaches and a wonderful beach club.

Visit Trogir, one of the most picturesque coastal towns of Dalmatia and also a UNESCO city. The charming town centre is built on a small island and includes beautiful historical monuments.

Hotel Park was built in 1921 and was completely renovated in 2015. This traditional first class hotel, in the centre of Split, is located right next to the famous beach Bačvice. It features an outdoor pool, an elegant restaurant and a private spa with saunas, Jacuzzi and a gym. The hotel is 10 minutes walk from the city centre and five minutes walk from the harbour.


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