In less than a two hour flight from the Netherlands, this European country offers a spectacular mountain scenery with green valleys and clear flowing rivers. Only two million Slovenians live in a country that is half the size of the Netherlands. Approximately 60% of the natural environment of Slovenia are protected nature reserves and therefore guarantees many wonderful outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting and canoeing as well as pleasant relaxation possiblities.

Discovering Slovenia

The surprisingly fun capital city Ljubljana is one of the smallest capitals in the world. The student city with a village feeling, resembles Prague, but has fewer tourists. For that great holiday feeling, you can enjoy a spritz on one of the river terraces and then it’s of to Gostilna Jakob Franc for a lovely dinner. The Vander Urbani Resort is a design hotel with a small rooftop swimming pool. A cheaper alternative is the City Hotel, ... read more

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