St. Petersburg, city of the tsaar

The most beautiful city of Russia has so much to offer the visitor. The streets of St. Petersburg, Russia’s most European city, was realized by Italian architects. They were commissioned by Tsar Peter the Great to build the “Venice of the north” and the results really are impressive. In the summer there are many boat trips to be made along the Neva and from the water the view of the glittering golden domes and pastel-colour houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, are the most beautiful. Many beautiful bridges have been built across the Neva, which flows through the city, and it is wonderful to stroll along the riverside. You can visit the countless fascinating churches, cathedrals, gardens, palaces and museums that are found in this city. The world famous Hermitage, is reason enough for many to visit St. Petersburg. The Mariinskiy theatre offers concerts and ballet performances at top level and we would be happy to help arrange an entrance ticket for one of the great shows for you. In the surroundings of the city you can visit the impressive residences of the tsars.

St. Petersburg has many hotels, but very few deserve to be called small and cosy. The Alexander House is an exception to this rule, a charming boutique hotel with only 19 guest rooms, housed in a former mansion.

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