Africa & Indian Ocean

Capeverdian Islands

Cabo Verde consists of ten islands of volcanic origin and lies off the west coast of Africa. Each island is different and has its own microclimate therefore the natural habitat as well as the standard of living varies greatly from island to island: from volcanoes, to green valleys and white sandy beaches. The Cape Verdean culture is a lively mix of African and Iberian influences, with a touch of Brazil and is an ideal sunny destination all ... read more

India: Land of Contrasts

A colorful multi-purpose destination with mountains, beaches and deserts. The historic cities in Rajasthan are counted among the most beautiful in the country. Our 16-day Rajhastan Journey is a relaxed tour through the highlights of North India, at a leisurely pace with time to enjoy the atmospheric hotels. The journey starts in Delhi and there after a visit to Agra follows. The Taj Mahal, the petrified Ode to Love is one of the Seven ... read more


Madagascar cannot be compared with other regions in the world due to its unique flora and fauna. Because of the lack of large hotels and infrastructure, it is still unspoiled and very adventurous. Although it falls geographically under Africa, Asian blood flows through the veins of a large part of the population. They were the first to discover the island adding their own cultural stamp. The island with its spectacular nature, is about ... read more

Malawi: Lake Malawi

Malawi is a beautiful country to travel in with varied landscapes and cultural attractions. The geographic diversity varies from high mountains, lush valleys and crystal clear lakes such as Lake Malawi. The Majete Wildlife Reserve was declared a protected nature reserve in 1955 and promises to be the only Big Five reserve in Malawi. This piece of unspoiled nature that as yet does not receive many visitors, makes the safari experience very ... read more

Mauritius & La Réunion

The French island of La Reunion is without doubt the most beautiful island in the Indian Ocean and an interesting part of France. Nature is extremely spectacular, the hinterlands having various mountains above 3000m. The French have the tradition to make beautiful hiking trails and this island is no exception with excellent hiking trails in untouched nature. La Reunion is an ideal destination for an active holiday and before or after you ... read more

Namibia: Silent & Pure

Namibia has an irresistible attraction for travelers looking for an overwhelming nature. The country has dazzling, vast desert landscapes where you can completely unwind. The Namib is the oldest desert in the world and flows into the Kalahari desert. A great diversity of fauna can be found in a beautiful setting of colored sand dunes. The Sossusvlei with its deep red sand dunes up to 300m high is one of the highlights of a visit to ... read more

South Africa: Cape Town

Cape Town is perfect for a city trip! You can fly there directly with KLM, there is no time difference and there is much to experience in and around the city. This bustling city by the sea has lively terraces, shops, markets, botanical garden, and vast beaches. Chapman’s Peak Drive is a breathtakingly beautiful route alongside the ocean with great opportunities to spot seals. Sail by boat to the former prison on Robben Island, where ... read more

South Africa: Charming

South Africa is one of our most popular destinations, and a wonderful place to be from November to April. Travel by rental car, go whale watching or cycling through the vineyards. Nature in South Africa is overwhelming with beautiful colored  mountains and spectacular views of the coastline. Wildlife is not only limited to the wildlife parks which you can experience during a visit to Boulders Beach, where penguins roam around freely. The ... read more

South Africa: Family Adventure

South Africa is perfect for an exciting family adventure filled with a variety of activities. It is easy to reach with direct flights from Amsterdam, a time difference of just 1 hour and it has malaria-free nature parks. The journey begins in Cape Town, the bustling city by the sea where there is much to see and do. Climbing the 1085m high Table Mountain should definitely be on the program! Simon's Town, is where the largest penguin colony ... read more

Sri Lanka

After years of unrest Sri Lanka is back with a vengeance and on top of the list for most promising destinations. It offers wonderful cultural highlights, amazingly beautiful scenery and lovely sandy beaches. It is possible to spot large herds of elephants, leopards and impressive bird watching for osprey, kingfishers, bee eaters, peacocks and more. Travelling with a driver is a relaxing way to discover the most beautiful places. We have ... read more

Sri Lanka: Family Adventure

Sri Lanka is definitly suitable for a combined holiday together with the whole family. It offers an ideal mixture of nature, culture and beach, something for everyone!  The island is no bigger than the Netherlands and Belgium combined and travelling within is really easy. During this tour which is based on travelling by car with a private driver as well as a journey by train, you will visit the most beautiful places. The country has a ... read more

Tanzania & Zanzibar

Tanzania located in East Africa, is rich with flora and fauna and has huge variety of national parks. The snowy Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, dominates the landscape and the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Selous are rightly world famous. A safari trip per 4 × 4 with private driver / guide through Tanzania is an experience you will never forget. We recommend to book overnight stays in small-scale lodges or tented camps. After ... read more

Tanzania: Family Adventure

A unique and special experience for children is a safari trip through Kenya or Tanzania. To be able to spot all those special animals living in complete freedom in an area of such natural beauty, is an unforgettable experience. The lodges all have a lovely swimming pools a great place to be during the day. After a week of spotting animals the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar are waiting for you. See the following program: Program safari ... read more

Uganda: Experience

From a landscape point of view, Uganda is one of the most beautiful safari destinations in Africa. There are mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and various nature parks. In addition to the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, there are also elephants, lions, leopards, hippos and zebras. It is also a paradise for bird lovers. Because the country is relatively unknown as a safari destination there aren’t  many visitors yet. During our tour ... read more

Zambia: Undiscovered

Zambia is still a relatively undiscovered destination in Africa where you will find an unspoiled nature full of wildlife. The KLM flies directly from Amsterdam to Lusaka which makes it a quick and comfortably flight. The country is largely a protected nature reserve and it’s the major rivers that attract plenty of wildlife during the dry season. The Lower Zambezi River offers exciting canoe trips and South Luangwa is renowned for its ... read more

Zimbabwe: Unspoiled Nature

(Nederlands) Het mooie Zimbabwe staat bekend om zijn afwisselende natuur, vriendelijke bevolking en groot culturele erfgoed. Het land heeft een enorme potentie en na jaren van politieke onrust lijkt het tij eindelijk te keren en groeit het vertrouwen in herstel. Het land is rustig en veilig en wie dit ongerepte Zimbabwe nog wil ontdekken, moet er tijdig bij zijn. Het is mogelijk om per luxe Rovos trein vanaf Pretoria in Zuid Afrika in ... read more

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