Capeverdian Islands

Cabo Verde consists of ten islands of volcanic origin and lies off the west coast of Africa. Each island is different and has its own microclimate therefore the natural habitat as well as the standard of living varies greatly from island to island: from volcanoes, to green valleys and white sandy beaches. The Cape Verdean culture is a lively mix of African and Iberian influences, with a touch of Brazil and is an ideal sunny destination all year round.

If you want to discover the real Cape Verde, please visit our journey to Cape Verde’s: 15-day island hopping. This combination tour to five islands starts on Boa Vista, a flat island with a desert-like landscape and a great water sports destination. A short flight takes you to Santiago, the largest Cape Verde island with a mountainous interior and an interesting history. The third island of Sao Vicente is lively and attracts many musicians – in the evening the city flourishes with music. From Sao Vicente by ferry to Santo Antao, with high mountains and green terraces to make agriculture possible on the steep slopes. A great destination for walking and canyoning, an exciting outdoor activity where you follow the course of a flowing river through a gorge. The last island of Sal is the ideal place for relaxing, windsurfing or kite surfing.

Don’t expect many luxury hotels in Cabo Verde and with the exception of the Morabeza Hotel on Sal, there are no luxury hotels are included in this tour. The rest of the overnight stays are in lovely guesthouses with good locations.


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