Malawi: Lake Malawi

Malawi is a beautiful country to travel in with varied landscapes and cultural attractions. The geographic diversity varies from high mountains, lush valleys and crystal clear lakes such as Lake Malawi.

The Majete Wildlife Reserve was declared a protected nature reserve in 1955 and promises to be the only Big Five reserve in Malawi. This piece of unspoiled nature that as yet does not receive many visitors, makes the safari experience very pure and private. The Mkulumadzi Lodge is beautifully situated on the river guaranteeing a special safari experience.

Kaya Mawa is a small-scale lodge adjacent to the most beautiful beach on Likoma island located in Lake Malawi. Because of its large dimensions, the lake looks more like a sea and because of its beauty it has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is traveling “off the beaten track” and as there are no asphalt roads to be found on the island, you can explore the island by bike.

Kaya Mawa is peacefully surrounded by sandy beaches, bougainvillea, baobab trees on the west side of the island and offers the ultimate barefoot luxury experience. The open bar with terrace is the ideal location for a sunset drink. There is a restaurant, where a la carte breakfast and lunch are served. Kaya Mawa has a sandy beach where you can safely swim, sunbathe or snorkel. There is a watersport center with Padi diving facilities enabling you to take a look at the beautiful underwater world found here or to follow a diving course. Boats, canoes and mountain bikes are available and a wooden suspension bridge provides access to a small island where the spa is located. The reception & lounge has WiFi.

There are ten extremely tastefully decorated rooms built from natural materials and with lots of privacy, overlooking the emerald green waters of the lake.

The best time to visit Lake Malawi is from May to October.


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