Madagascar cannot be compared with other regions in the world due to its unique flora and fauna. Because of the lack of large hotels and infrastructure, it is still unspoiled and very adventurous. Although it falls geographically under Africa, Asian blood flows through the veins of a large part of the population. They were the first to discover the island adding their own cultural stamp.
The island with its spectacular nature, is about the same size as the Benelux and France combined but without a significant road network. Iconic are the huge baobab trees and the special lemurs which are nowhere else to be found. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be spotted in the rainforests of the National Parks. The country may be poor, but the population is proud, colorful and extremely friendly.
The best option for visiting this wonderful country is by touring along the RN7 that runs from the capital Tana to the south. Along the way the different landscapes change at a rapid pace, from high mountains with green rice terraces to breathtaking desert landscapes. The hotels are often simple and charming. This journey with 4WD and driver ends at the beach of Ifaty or on an island off the coast. Click here for the day-to-day program.

There are no luxury hotels to be found on the south coast, but small cozy eco-lodges on the beaches. For more luxurious accommodation its best to fly to the islands archipelago at Nosy Be. Constance Tsarabanjina and the Tsara Komba Lodge are among the top.
The rich underwater world attracts many snorkelers and divers here.
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