Australia & New Zealand

Australia & Tasmania

Australia, a vast country in itself also has 12,000 islands to choose from. Due to the enormous dimensions, it is a land of many contrasts in nature. Impressive beauty can be found in the rolling landscapes, red deserts, rugged coasts and fertile wine regions. Centuries ago the Aboriginal people found their way thanks to their famous "song lines" and British writer Bruce Chatwin has written a beautiful book about their nomadic way of ... read more

New Zealand: film location

New Zealand: “down under” is a country that appeals to the imagination, as the makers of the film trilogy Lord of The Rings discovered. The country can serve as a film location in many different places as the landscapes are breathtaking and vary from deep blue fjords and green hills to high mountains and glacial lakes. Hidden in this breathtaking nature are beautiful lodges and overnight places where you can undertake many outdoor ... read more

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