(Nederlands) Azie & Midden Oosten

(Nederlands) Vietnam : vele tinten groen

(Nederlands) Vietnam, een langgerekt land met een prachtige kustlijn, groene bergen, adembenemende nationale parken, heerlijk eten en een schitterde cultuur. De mensen zijn energiek, vriendelijke en open, tel daar de zeven UNESCO World Heritage sites op en je hebt een land wat een onvergetelijke indruk achter laat! Het land strekt zich uit tussen de indrukwekkende steden Ho Chi Minh City en Hanoi, onze favoriete stad in Azië. De oude ... read more

Bhutan: Magical Kingdom

If there were to be a top three list of the most exciting destinations in the world, Bhutan would undoubtedly be one of the destinations on this list. The isolated Buddhist kingdom is located at the foot of the Himalayas and tourism is very low key. For the King, happiness is more important than economic progress and therefore it is as though time stood still in Bhutan. Tibetan culture, the monasteries and the impressive mountains reaching ... read more

China: Along the Yangtze

China has drastically reformed after Mao's death in 1976. The contrast between the big cities and the traditional countryside can almost not be compared. China as a country is overwhelming and has an incredibly rich culture and an extremely diverse nature. Our 15 day individual roundtrip along the Yangtze riverbank will give you an introduction to different aspects of the country and the journey will take you past unique natural phenomena as ... read more

Indonesia: Bali, Garden Island

On the garden island of Bali there is a great choice of lovely hotels and villas really suitable for families with children. It’s possible to combine two or three different locations as the coasts of Bali are significantly different. One of our favorite beach hotels on the south/west side of Bali is the Jimbaran Puri Bali Resort, located on one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. On the east side of the island the Alila Manggis is ... read more

Indonesia: Far East luxury in exotic Bali

Samaya lies in the south of Bali, close to Seminyak, which until recently consisted mainly of rice fields, but now represents of the hippest part of Bali. The stylish design hotels on serene beaches are perfect for a quiet and romantic stay. The intimate Samaya hotel offers 24 private villas and a full-service resort. It is situated on the seaside and has a spacious spa, offering a wide selection of treatments. Furthermore The Samaya offers ... read more

Iran: Travelling through Central Iran

A visit to Iran is a fantastic experience, this country will continue to amaze you. Even though there are a few rules that you must adhere to, these are not a good reason not to go. Women must cover head and body and there are no alcoholic drinks. The Shiraz grapes are still grown, but they are made into tasty raisins. You can count on a warm welcome by extremely friendly and often highly educated Iranians. A visit to Iran can be justified ... read more

Japan: Secrets of Japan

Japan is a land of many contrasts and perhaps it is the most extraordinary country in our collection. Old traditions are in harmony with the modern world of technical innovations. Tokyo is a bustling metropolis and the greater area of Tokyo is home to more than 35 million people. The busiest pedestrian intersection in the world, the Shibuya crossing, lies in the city centre. The city of Tokyo is divided into 23 districts, each with a mix ... read more

Jordan: spectacular desert treasure and spa in the Dead Sea

The extraordinary Kingdom of Jordan is just four hours from Amsterdam and is a very fascinating destination. The scenery is stunning, the desert in the deep south is even considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The country is a crossroad of ancient trade routes and is dotted with archaeological treasures such as the Roman city of Jerash. There are also beautiful desert crusader forts and deserted desert castles to be ... read more

Laos & Cambodja

This journey to Indochina starts with a two-day boat trip on the Mekong River from Thailand to Laos. The cruise will end in Luang Prabang, the cultural capital of Laos and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Laos is a mountainous country and home to many colorful hill tribes. The breathtakingly beautiful vast temple complex of Angkor and the Holy City of the Khmers are located in Cambodia. This cultural tour ends in Phnom Penh located on the ... read more

Malaysia: Borneo

This beautiful nature-journey will take you to the highlights of Sabah, the northernmost part of Malaysian Borneo which is the ultimate setting for an unforgettable jungle adventure. After staying on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Sabah you will travel further to Sandakan with overnight stays in unique jungle lodges. During boat trips, you will become acquainted with a number of different animal species. In Sepilok a visit to an ... read more

Myanmar: Back in Time

The relatively unknown Myanmar is perhaps the most extraordinary country in Southeast Asia. It was called the "Land of Gold" by Marco Polo because of the numerous golden pagodas which are to be found here and the country was a controversial travel destination until 2012 due to the political regime. This has now changed and Myanmar is on the “bucket list” for many a world traveller, wishing to be enchanted by the pagodas in the early ... read more

Oman: Beaches and Bedouins

The Sultanate of Oman is a quiet, safe and very child friendly destination. It has many beautiful beaches, but the best is on the Bay of Bandar Jussa, just 20 minutes drive from the historic centre of the capital Muscat. The Oman Dive Centre lies in a sheltered bay with safe swimming at your door step and a lovely sandy beach. There are several diving courses available as well as snorkelling trips and boat trips to spot the dolphins. The ... read more

Oman: Dubai & Musandan

About two hours drive north of Dubai you will find a special peninsula named Musadan which officially belongs to Oman. Here you will find the Six Senses Resort beautifully situated between the fjord-like bays and the 1.6 km long sandy beach of Zighy Bay. Surrounded by mountains (2000m) this is the ultimate hideaway during the cold winter months where you can enjoy total peace within summer temperatures. The Omani style built resort is ... read more

Oman: The historic forts, wadis, oases and vast sandy beaches of Oman

  The Sultanate of Oman is a country with a rich history and not so long ago it opened it’s borders to foreign visitors. The traditional hospitality is still high in the priorities which is evident in the extremely friendly people living here. The capital Muscat is the residence of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who reigns this country from his 1001 Arabian-nights palace. In Muscat you will find beautiful palaces, mosques, souks and museums ... read more

Thailand: Family Adventure.

An ideal mixture of nature, culture and beach. This journey begins in the outskirts of Bangkok in the River Kwai Jungle Raft Lodge situated in a unique location on the Kwai Noi River. Hereafter a journey by train will bring you to the lush green Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. This is a good base for hiking and trekking through the authentic Thai countryside. The journey ends on Koh Samui, a tropical bounty island with beautiful ... read more

Uzbekistan: Travel the Silk Road by train

The Silk Road, the legendary trade route from China to the Mediterranean, has been on the minds of travellers for centuries. Greeks, Arabs and Mongolians have left behind their mark as well as impressive buildings, which are amongst the finest in Central Asia. Until the discovery of the sea- routes to India and China, all goods were transported by camel caravans along the Silk Road. During those days journeys were made across deserts, ... read more

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