Iran: the jewels of Persia

A visit to Iran is a fantastic experience, this country will continue to amaze you.
Even though there are a few rules that you must adhere to, these are not a good reason not to go. Women must cover head and body and there are no alcoholic drinks. The Shiraz grapes are still grown, but they are made into tasty raisins. You can count on a warm welcome by extremely friendly and often highly educated Iranians.
A visit to Iran can be justified because of the beautiful monumental cities of ancient Persia. The absolute highlight is Isfahan, with perhaps the most beautiful square and buildings in the world. For garden lovers there are Persian gardens, UNESCO has designated nine gardens that compare to paradise. In addition, there are the oasis towns on the edge of the desert, with central gathering places for camel caravans.
Since the boycott against Iran has been lifted, the country has opened up at a rapid pace. The lovely cosy hotels fill up quickly, so you have to book early. Examples are the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan or the Silk Road Hotel in Yazd. The spring and autumn the best months to visit.

This 12-day itinerary can be extended or shortened as required:
DAY 1 Arrival Tehran
DAY 2 Stay Tehran
DAY 3 Flight Tehran – Shiraz
DAY 4 Stay Shiraz
DAY 5 Shiraz – Persepolis – Yazd
DAY 6 Stay Yazd
DAY 7 Yazd – Nain
DAY 8 Nain – Isfahan
DAY 9 Stay Isfahan
DAY 10 Isfahan – Abyaneh
DAY 11 Kasbah – Tehran
DAY 12 Tehran – Amsterdam


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