China: Along the Yangtze

China has drastically reformed after Mao’s death in 1976. The contrast between the big cities and the traditional countryside can almost not be compared. China as a country is overwhelming and has an incredibly rich culture and an extremely diverse nature. Our 15 day individual roundtrip along the Yangtze riverbank will give you an introduction to different aspects of the country and the journey will take you past unique natural phenomena as well as cultural highlights. The capital Beijing, the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army of Xian are not to be missed. Continue with a cruise along the Yangtze River, now well known with thanks to the travel-itinerary of Ruben Terlou. The journey continues on to Shanghai and Guilin. Shanghai is the largest city in China and a bustling metropolis with a breath-taking skyline. The province city of Guilin in southern China is famous for its stunning mystical scenery of the Li River. Continue travelling by boat to Yangshuo for an overnight stay in Yangshou Mountain Lodge.

The journey can be extended with a visit to Longsheng famous for its Ping An rice terraces. Travel by cable train to the Lian Lodge, beautifully situated on a mountain and a great base from which to enjoy the most beautiful walks. The overnights are in charming hotels, and daily there are tours to be made together with your private guide.

Combined this tour with a visit to Yunnan Province in West China at the foot of the Himalayas. Lijiang (2400m) is considered to be the most attractive city of China and was once an important stop on the ancient caravan route to Tibet. The centre consists of wooden houses, built around courtyards along water channels. The fairy-tale Banyan Tree resort is the loveliest hotel of Yunnan and was built in a traditional style.
A little further north lies Zhongdian situated in a beautiful mountain setting. Here the Songzanling Monastery is really worth visiting, with it’s 700 monks and lamas (teachers).


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