Jordan: Desert Treasures

The extraordinary Kingdom of Jordan is just four hours from Amsterdam and is a very fascinating destination. The scenery is stunning, the desert in the deep south is even considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The country is a crossroad of ancient trade routes and is dotted with archaeological treasures such as the Roman city of Jerash. There are also beautiful desert crusader forts and deserted desert castles to be found.

The most well known attraction in Jordan is the ancient desert city of Petra, appointed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The main highlights of the country are not far from each other and are linked by excellent roads. This makes Jordan a great destination in which to travel by rental car but you can also travel in a private car with driver.

The journey begins with a stay at the Dead Sea, less than an hour drive from the airport of Amman. The Mövenpick Hotel is adjacent to the Dead Sea, offers a large selection of beautiful pools and a spa. On the third day you will travel by car via the King’s Highway to Petra. You will pass Mount Nebo (Moses), the mosaic city of Madaba and Kerak, known for its imposing Crusader fort. After a visit to Petra the journey will continue to Wadi Rum, a breathtaking valley surrounded by desert moon-landscapes. This is the land of the Bedouins, and you experience a night in the desert in a tented camp. The tour ends with a relaxing stay at the Red Sea, with excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities.

Best time to visit: the spring or autumn.

Pros: easy to reach, very hospitable people, great variety of nature and culture, simple and clear roads.

Cons: the hotels are excellent, but large scale.Petra is one of the new seven wonders of the world and therefore frequently visited.

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