Canada: Polar Bear Expedition

Each year in October and November polar bears gather together in the northeastern part of Canada. This journey is fully dedicated to them. At Churchill, on the edge of Hudson Bay, they wait until the bay is frozen so that they can start their hunt for seals. With a bit of luck you may also witness the northern lights. Special pole vehicles are used during the expedition. Churchill is the base from which you will explore is this beautiful area and it offers the best possibility of seeing polar bears.

Day 1: Winnipeg – Manitoba
The journey begins in Winnipeg, once a fur trading town on the Canadian Pacific Railway. This city is located on the eastern edge of Canada’s vast prairies. Upon arrival a transfer to the historic Fort Garry Hotel, housed in one of the most prestigious historical buildings of the city. In the evening dinner with your expedition leader.

Day 2: Winnipeg – Churchill
In the morning a flight to Churchill, the base for this adventurous expedition trip. Transfer to your hotel, which is simple but comfortable and conveniently located in the center of Churchill. In the evening a lecture will be given about the program as well as the polar bears and their habitat.

Day 3 & 4: Sighting Polar Bears
Specially designed Polar Rovers will be the means of transport and your safe haven during these special days. Although they can accommodate 35 passengers, only 15 passengers will be onboard so that everyone is guaranteed a window seat. Together with the expedition leader the search is on for polar bears and any other signs of life on the snowy tundra, such as the arctic foxes, polar hare, snowy owls and snow chickens. With a bit of luck you will see mother polar bears with cubs frolicking in the snow.

Day 5: Discovering the vicinity around Churchill / evening on the Tundra
Today a visit to the historic Churchill is on the program. A great chance to encounter sled dogs on the way to Cape Merry. In the evening a visit to the tundra to see the bears. A light dinner will be served on board the polar rover. With any luck, you will catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

Day 6: Churchill / Winnipeg
In the morning there will be enough opportunity to visit Churchill to enable you to visit the Eskimo Museum. There is also the possibility of a helicopter flight over the tundra or to take a trip with sled dogs. In the afternoon your return flight to Winnipeg.

Day 7: Return flight home
After breakfast, a transfer will bring you to the airport for your flight back home.


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