America: Boston – Cape Cod

Fly & Drive from Boston to Cape Cod

There is so much to see along the Atlantic Coast: beautiful cities, vast beaches, charming seaside towns and interesting islands. Time to enjoy this super cute fly & drive along the coast from Boston through the most beautiful natural parks found here up to Cape Cod.
New England consists of the states Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont on the East Coast of the United States. During a journey through this part of the United States you will be assured of a beautiful nature, beautiful coastline and charming towns like Bar Harbor and Cape Cod.
The journey starts in the historical city Boston which has a combination of ancient, winding streets,  beautiful colonial buildings and new modern architecture.
Hereafter you will travel to impressive parks such as Acadia National Park, White Mountains, and the Green Mountains, each with their own specific animals, distinctive scenery and picturesque towns. The journey ends in Cape Cod, a large peninsula and for more than half a century a beloved resort of the Kennedy’s. Part of the 800km long coastline has been declared a national park by JFK and throughout the summer you will be able to spot the humpback whales. The town of Chatham is known for its fashionable main street with boutiques, gourmet candy shops and restaurants.

Day 1 Flight to Boston
Day 2: Boston
Day 3: Boston to Kennebunkport / Ogunquit (205km)
Day 4: Kennebunkport / Ogunquit – Bar Harbor (355km)
Day 5: Bar Harbor: Visit Acadia National Park
Day 6: Bar Harbor – White Mountains (355 km)
Day 7: White Mountains – Stowe (210km)
Day 8: Stowe – Green Mountains (130km)
Day 9: Green Mountains – The Berkshires (150km)
Day 10: The Berkshires – Newport (305km)
Day 11: Newport – Cape Cod (160km)
Day 12: Cape Cod
Day 13: Cape Cod
Day 14: Cape Cod – Boston (130km) or New York (395km)


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