Amerika: New York & The Hamptons

The Hamptons on Long Island have been a popular hot spot for hip New Yorkers for decades. The “rich and famous” love to spend their summers here because of the picturesque villages, beautiful beaches and beautiful landscapes. Where else can you wake up with a fresh organic breakfast, and enjoy a wonderful day at the beach, upscale shopping, dining in a top restaurant? Europeans have also started to explore this destination and often choose to combine the Hamptons with a New York. city break. The Hamptons refer to a series of fashionable and trendy coastal towns on the east side of Long Island. Together, the towns of Southampton, East Hampton, Westhampton and Bridgehampton form the Beverly Hills of Long Island and are only 160km from New York. East Hampton is the trendy capital of Long Island, in Westhampton are many beautiful Victorian mansions, and in Southampton you’ll find the huge mansions and chic shops. Some of the hotels are located in the villages and have a shuttle service to the beach, others directly adjacent to the sandy beach. Surfers and fishermen often stay in the more laid back Montauk, the easternmost point of Long Island. There is no shortage of cosy guesthouses and B & B’s, but be aware, they are small, pricey and must be booked well in advance. The summer months are nice, but we recommend a visit in June or from September on, when the days are cooler, and it’s less crowded. The room rates during the week are often more attractive during weekends and it is worth considering to stay the weekend in New York and from Monday to Friday on Long Island.

Our tips for overnight stays:
The Inn at Windmill Lane
Sag Harbour Inn
A Butler’s Manor
Sunset Beach hotel
Long Island is easily accessible by car or by Long Island Railroad from NY Penn Station.


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