Costa Rica: Family adventure

Enjoy a wonderful family trip through Central America, and travel at a leisurely pace along the highlights of Costa Rica. This is one of the most beautiful countries in our collection with fantastic beaches, high mountains, rain forests and green valleys. Costa Rica borders on two oceans and is well known for its abundance in nature reserves full of wildlife. The traveling distances are not too far and there are many exciting activities to enjoy within the nature habitat. Such as a canopy tour where you can explore the jungle, on elevated walkways, by foot. Or a visit to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, where you can literally walk with your head in the clouds. Together with our excellent nature guides you’ll learn to spot different animals as well as learn about the natural environment found here. With a little bit of luck you may get to see a sloth, an animal that lives high in the treetops and almost always sleeps.
Most of the beautiful beaches are to be found on the Pacific coast and our journey ends at the Manuel Antonio National Park. The Arenas del Mar Resort is located on a beautiful palm-covered beach, which gently slopes into the sea. A visit to Costa Rica combines well with a visit to Panama. The target price for the land arrangement based on 2 adults + 2 children from € 10: 000 total, excluding intercontinental flights.


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