Peru : Andes and Incas

A fascinating, mystical country and a popular destination for families with children. This is one of the adventure tours that we offer that has long travel distances and high altitudes. The journey begins with a stay in Lima, then you will travel past deep canyons to Colca in the Andes, where the Great Condor flies. On the way to Lake Titicaca you travel vast plains with Indians and large herds of llamas. In Titicaca a visit to Indians living upon reed rafts on the highest lake in the world and with their own lifestyle still in tact.
Then travel by train over the plateau to Cusco, an Inca city and the base from which you will visit the Sacred Valley and the mysterious Inca city: Machu Picchu, one of the world’s wonders.
In Cusco your overnight stay will be at Hotel Los Niños, founded by the Dutch Jolanda van den Berg. She came to live on Cusco in 1996 in order to help take care of extremely neglected children. In the meantime 600 children now receive two meals a day in five children’s restaurants.
The journey ends along the coast by Paracas and by boat you will visit the rocky islands where dozens of sea lions, pelicans and penguins live.
Optional is a visit to the Amazon, for an introduction to the Indians and the rich flora and fauna found here. And for those of you with a taste for more traveling why not visit the Galapagos Islands!


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