Sweden:Chill out in Kiruna

The village of Jukkasjarvi is situated on the Torne River in Swedish Lapland at 200 km north of the Arctic Circle and 12 km from Kiruna Airport. Every year the crystal clear water from the Torne River is used to re-built the largest and most unique ice hotel in the world. It all started with an igloo and has now become the Icehotel, which is erected from mid-November on the ice fields until the smelting of the ice spring.
Together with a carefully selected team of ice artists, each year a new ice hotel is built with water from the Torne and includes new rooms and suites. Despite the fact that the hotel is built of ice and snow, it offers all the luxury and comfort of a regular hotel. There are various rooms, luxury suites and chalets. Furthermore, there is a sauna, a ice theatre, an ice bar and ice restaurant and a warm restaurant. It is even possible to marry in the ice chapel. An annual exhibition of beautiful ice sculptures and ice art, always with a separate theme is also set up.
The Icehotel has been declared by many operators as “Best Experience in Sweden”. It offers unique activities such as excursions with snowmobile – partly to get acquainted with the Saami, the original population of Lapland – an elk safari or a trip by dogsled. It is also possible to make an ice sculpture. Seeing the northern lights is an experience in itself. This unique phenomenon can be seen almost every winter night when the skies are clear.


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